City Aims Quick Goals


Manchester – Manchester City in the state lags behind Everton in the English League Cup semi-finals. The Citizens eyeing a quick goal in order to complete the mission to reverse the situation.

City lost 1-2 at the first meeting that was held at Goodison Park, January 6 last. The loss left City must win the second leg at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday (01/28/2016) pm dawn, to qualify for the final. Continue reading “City Aims Quick Goals”


Manchester United were booed off as Charlie Austin’s late winner


Manchester United were booed off as Charlie Austin’s late winner gave Southampton a 1-0 victory at Old Trafford.

Austin came from the bench to attain on his debut (87 ) after drawing a needless free-kick from Adnan Januzaj, the United substitute barely 30 seconds into his first appearance since returning from Borussia Dortmund. Continue reading “Manchester United were booed off as Charlie Austin’s late winner”


Hiddink Not to Lose, but It’s Probably Not Enough to Face Arsenal

xxxx during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Watford at Stamford Bridge on December 26, 2015 in London, England.
xxxx during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Watford at Stamford Bridge on December 26, 2015 in London, England.

Jakarta – Six matches have been undertaken Guus Hiddink as a replacement for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea manager’s chair. Although it has not even lost, Hiddink is still far from satisfied with the results obtained.

A six-match unbeaten Chelsea showed that conditions improved after Mourinho left. As a comparison, the last six Mourinho at Chelsea finished with four defeats and a draw respectively and lost. Continue reading “Hiddink Not to Lose, but It’s Probably Not Enough to Face Arsenal”

Bids United Rejected Juventus


themoreirun.com – Manchester United at proclaim that they just make an offer to Juventus FC camp to be able to get Paul Pogba, but it is regrettable that once the bid has been catapult by a team from England was rejected by the team nicknamed the nyoya old.

Apparently, the high bid does not give a guarantee that it is sure to be bringing Pogba from Juventus Stadium, and also did not make shake the faith of Juventus FC to be able to continue to maintain one of the star players they belong. The 23-year-old midfielder is in the know that he has become a major player that comes into the coveted targets of Jose Mourinho in the summer this time.

National coach after the Portuguese was successfully get Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Erick Bailly and Herikh Mkhitaryan, The Special One wants the name of Paul Pogba into purchases ternyarnya the transfer window this summer.

As has been preached by the Guardian, the money offered by Manchester United to Juve for Pogba in the know can get up to 100 million pounds.

But Juve will still be with their establishment to be able to maintain Pogba and reject such a great offer, but there is news that Juve would still give Manchester United the opportunity to be able to get a player of the French nationals.

I Bianconerri at the mention that they still opened the door wide to the stronghold of the red devil in trouble Paul Pogba, can say that Juve wanted Manchester United to be able to spend more than 100 million pounds.

However, it can be entrusted that Manchester United did not intend to give up so easily, surely they will continue to fight for his former players, the visible from the Vice Chairamn Manchester United, Ed Woodward, where she would not follow United flying to China merampung sake of Pogba transfer the problem.

Mou Want to Make the Best As Bailly defender Varane in Madrid


themoreirun.com – Eric BaillyPelatih Newer Manchester United, Jose Mourinho discount plans are very large for one of the players at United, namely Eric Bailly. He claimed that want to hone Eric Bailly and will make it become one of the best fullback in the future.

Eric Bailly became one of the recruits players Manchester United in the transfer market this summer. The defender who is now 22 years old is brought to MU from club Villarreal.

Bailly perdanannya play games with uniformed United in pre-season trial match with the face Wighan Atlehtic, on Saturday, July 16, 2016 yesterday. He played a major player and recently replaced with other players during the game just seven minutes remaining.

Bailly appearance in that game makes the coach Mou has been impressed kendatinya he still saw a little short against a player from the Ivory Coast. However, Mou is very confident that he is able to make Bailly be one very tough defender, as he had ever done to make the player Raphael Varane when he was coach at Real Madrid.

Eric Bailly on the problem, how the fans showed how much they like the look after I replace it was enough. Of course he is still very young, come from areas that are not the same, but you can see what he was at this time, “said Mourinho, who was quoted by Soccerway.

To Eric, this is the first time he menggenakan uniform as MU. He could not speak a lot of English and can only communicate with those who speak Spanish or French, so one step by one step for him and that’s why I give him playing time over 45 minutes.

I wanted to give my best for him and more time to be able to play because he needs playing time than anyone here. He needs to communicate and feel it, “continued the former coach of Chelsea.

I will give it all to him in order to make himself better and better, as I’ve ever run with other defender I’ve ever handled. For example, Raphael Varane, and I will try to make himself into the best defender I can.

He has memperlihatka potential after we’ve decided to bring it. He have here a potential to make himself into the best player soerang nantinnya, “added Mourinho.

Real Madrid eyeing 3 youngstar Euro 2016


themoreirun.com – Los Blancos have forgotten Paul Pogba. Causes Real Madrid forget it the player is due to the transfer fee so expensive. Now Real Madrid midfielder switch incarannya to 3 youngstar who performed brilliantly at Euro 2016. Real Madrid want to bring all the youngstar 3 in the transfer window in summer 2016.

The 3rd youngstar the national team retainer Portugal & Valencia “Andre Gomes”, retainer Belgium & Chelsea “Eden Hazard” and the retainer of the German national team and VfL Wolfsburg “Julian Draxler”. Judging from the age 3rd Bonnet is still fairly young. Andre Gomes and 22-year-old Julian Draxler, while Eden Hazard was 25 years old.

3rd retainer is not just a hit with his club, but managed to perform brilliantly with each national team at Euro competition 2016.Harganya 3rd Bonnet was not quite as expensive as the price of Paul Pogba. Instead Los Blancos can recruit all three retainer simultaneously, rather than have to spend a lot of money for one person retainer that Paul Pogba.

There is news that says that the Bianconeri will be off Paul Pogba if clubs want it ready to pay over 100 million pounds. Andre Gomes Transfermarket released a price which is equal to 40 million pounds, while Julian Draxler at a price of 20.5 million pounds.

Eden Hazard likely price which reached 60 million pounds. Attraction of Los Blancos against Eden Hazard is news that has long been out. Real Madrid have been so interested in Eden Hazard even when it is still playing for French club “Lille Olympique Sporting Club”. Then Eden Hazard also so natural interest for joining Los Blancos.

Eden Hazard has a desire to cooperate with Los Blancos manager “Zinedine Zidane”. While interest in Real Madrid against Julian Draxler for successfully performed brilliantly with VfL Wolfsburg. Julian Draxler successfully collected assists as many goals as much as 8 and 9 on the entire event in the year 2015/16.

Julian Draxler contract with Die Wolfe then will end in 2020. Julian Draxler was a hit with the German National Team in the Euro 2016 competition While the ability Andre Gomes was able to play at the 3-position midfielder. Andre Gomes is the flagship retainer Valencia.

Andre Gomes can play in the position of left winger, attacking midfielder and a central midfielder. Andre Gomes also successfully played brilliantly with the Portuguese National Team in the competition of Euro 2016. Portugal National Team finally managed to win the Euro 2016 competition.