City Aims Quick Goals


Manchester – Manchester City in the state lags behind Everton in the English League Cup semi-finals. The Citizens eyeing a quick goal in order to complete the mission to reverse the situation.

City lost 1-2 at the first meeting that was held at Goodison Park, January 6 last. The loss left City must win the second leg at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday (01/28/2016) pm dawn, to qualify for the final. Continue reading “City Aims Quick Goals”


Manchester United were booed off as Charlie Austin’s late winner


Manchester United were booed off as Charlie Austin’s late winner gave Southampton a 1-0 victory at Old Trafford.

Austin came from the bench to attain on his debut (87 ) after drawing a needless free-kick from Adnan Januzaj, the United substitute barely 30 seconds into his first appearance since returning from Borussia Dortmund. Continue reading “Manchester United were booed off as Charlie Austin’s late winner”


Hiddink Not to Lose, but It’s Probably Not Enough to Face Arsenal

xxxx during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Watford at Stamford Bridge on December 26, 2015 in London, England.
xxxx during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Watford at Stamford Bridge on December 26, 2015 in London, England.

Jakarta – Six matches have been undertaken Guus Hiddink as a replacement for Jose Mourinho at Chelsea manager’s chair. Although it has not even lost, Hiddink is still far from satisfied with the results obtained.

A six-match unbeaten Chelsea showed that conditions improved after Mourinho left. As a comparison, the last six Mourinho at Chelsea finished with four defeats and a draw respectively and lost. Continue reading “Hiddink Not to Lose, but It’s Probably Not Enough to Face Arsenal”

Hazard Really Depression At Chelsea


themoreirun.com – FC Chelsea interim coach Guus Hiddink in the know that he had just admitted that one of the children of surrogate that Eden Hazard depressed extremely large in their camp this time.

This followed a poor performance will be experienced by the player throughout the season 2015/2016, although the Dutch national coach so this one feels very confident and strongly believe the feelings of depression that are blanketed Belgian nationality players that will soon disappear wakut in the near future.

On this occasion Hiddink himself to know that he did not intend to be able to discuss or poor performance being experienced by a Hazard has happened in a game before, because Hiddink itself looks much prefer to be able to understand of what was experienced by one of his star players such.

And to him is a very normal thing once for a football player or as Hazard affected by depression at this time. This is caused because the 25-year-old player had experienced periods of very noticeably difficult semenjaka himself was awarded as one of the best football players in the Premier League season 2014/2015.

“One thing that is very normal for a football player can win an award and next season he played poorly, certainly he will feel a depression which is very big and hurt because it is.” Said Guus Hiddink as has been preached by Goal United ,

“But I think that Hazard still has an enormous capacity to be able to return will be his appearance as a professional soccer player for next season.” End of Hiddink.

To know that Eden Hazard is one of the Chelsea players that this season the performance is really dimmed total, until now he has just created one goal for his team when faced with Bournemouth.

Awaited action and ability Zidane brought Los Galacticos triumphed at Etihad Stadium


themoreirun.com – As the frontman in the squad El RealCR7 be prepared mentally when they travel to the Etihad Stadium filled with hooligannya, mental war will be part of the game from the sideline, especially from the stands supporters Citizen, players sharpest who has a collection of goal most dikancah Champions League this should tide mental steel face cries of the home fans.

The match will take place tomorrow early morning of April 27, 2016 in the stable, Manchester City, Ronaldo’s past as a former camp of the Red Devils for the past six seasons will remain imprint in the hearts of the fanatical supporters Citizen, of course, the inevitable scorn and he was already aware of that for ready- ready to run the full game sensation of anger from the audience in the city of Manchester.

“No wonder, and I think this is not the first time I became the center of ridicule when competing in the stable, anywhere other than at the Bernabeu Stadium, of course, many who hoped to influence me with any form of mockery, but they do not know if I always cover my ears every game that I live , so it is normal and there is no effect on my performance “said Ronaldo.

As a teammate and also tandem in a trio of BBC former Tottenham striker Gareth Bale also expressed opinions and the same voice, which he said is a normal thing if every they come there is always a discordant note welcoming their game, that was the fun part for him to silencing hatters with goal-goal victory.

“I wake up by itself when the more boisterous ominous whistling will further arouse our desire to quickly finish the goal and makes them silent, that we would do no matter where we play” says Gareth Bale.

This is the first time the opportunity to coach Zidane to try to guide the team breaks up kefinal and win the Champions League, when acting as a successful player he always helped to bring the team diusungnya qualify selaalu kebabak final.

When playing for Juventus * 1996 the Old Lady managed to become finalists faced with Dortmund, but when it was La Vecchia Signora have to fail quotation triumphant victory when Dortmund beat them by a score of 3-1, while playing for Real Madrid * 2002 Los Blancos also qualified for the final kebabak dealing with Leverkusen and this time managed inter Zidane for Los Galacticos victory through goals from her determination.

Career as a coach Zidane is being tested for its ability for the first time, all four times to lead dibabak 16 and 8 great Zidane get results in three wins and a draw, is now entering the party kruatial dibabak semifinal mampukan coach bloody Francis brings his team qualify kebabak next? We will forward action.

Exiles player The Blues In Coveted Tottenham


themoreirun.com – The club Tottenham Hotspur reported to be increasing its strength again in the upcoming 2016-2017 season. As you know, one footballer who is currently wanted by Tottenham namely VfL Wolfsburg midfielder mainstay whose full name was Andre Schurrle.

Schurrle itself was grazing in a competition for the Premier League season in 2013 until 2015 and then along the Chelsea club. However, the performance is not too impressive so he sold to the Wolfsburg in January 2015 by the architect of the Blues at the time, that is Jose Mourinho.

Together with Wolfsburg, the players returned to find his best performance. Schurrle also become an important role player who guided the club to reach the Champions League quarter-finals competition of the season before they were stopped by the club Real Madrid.

But today, the players sepakbol 25 year-old is reported to not have a good relationship with the architect Wolfsburg whose full name was Dieter Hecking. Schurrle is reportedly keen to leave in the summer to come. Especially now potentially going to miss his club compete in the next European football.

Hearing the news, the club Tottenham were soon clear chances to get the service fees of the players. As per the reports given by one of the local news media, the club is currently ranked second in the standings while competition for the 2015-2016 Premier League is ready to offer Schurrle to undergo a second career in the competition.

Spurs saw the potential of the German national team personnel is very promising. Together with Wolfsburg in this 2015-2016 season, the player scored 9 goals and 7 assists in 38 games that he has been in all competitions.

As reported, Schurrle began his career as a professional soccer player along with the club Mainz 05 in the 2006 season. At the time, he was playing in the team junior Mainz. Schurrle strengthen Mainz for 3 seasons and successfully won the U-19 Bundesliga in the 2009 season.

In September 2010, the player finally decided to join with the club Bayer Leverkusen and tied with a contract duration of 5 years. But he did not finish his contract with Leverkusen agreement. That is because Schurrle move to the club Chelsea on June 25, 2013.